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Society Talks 2020/21

Thursday evening lectures are provided for Swansea Astronomical Society members, however, potential new members or members of other astronomical societies should feel free to come along as a guest.

In addition to the events listed below, we hold regular member observation evenings, subject to weather conditions.

Our Yahoogroup for members' chit-chat is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/swanastro.

Thursday 22/04/2021
Voyager; Humanity’s Greatest Journey, Dr Garry E Hunt
The Voyager mission to the outer planets and onward beyond the limits of our solar system must be considered the greatest journey by a messenger from the Earth. The mission was conceived more than half a century ago, started in 1972 and the two spacecraft were launched in 1977 on their once in a 176 year opportunity paths of discovery to the distant worlds never seen before. The far planets of Uranus and Neptune have never been seen close up since the Voyager 2 passed by more than thirty years ago.

Voyager has been a major part of my life for more than fifty years as one of the original scientists elected by NASA in 1971. I will share with you my experiences and the insight into developing this incredible mission and the highlights of the countless discoveries which have rewritten the astronomy textbooks. Unaffected by Earth’s global pandemic, the Voyager spacecraft as still operating today as our space ambassadors.
Thursday 06/05/2021
AGM/Paul Pockington
Short AGM followed by Paul Pocklington - 'Unusual Lunar Features'
Thursday 20/05/2021
Phosphine detection on Venus
Dave Clements will tell us about some interesting developments around our sister planet

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